XDP Logistics Group believes in total business transparency. As a result, we aim to demystify the logistics process so that even logistics “novices” can understand how it works.


We would like to explain the End-to-End logistics process by means of the following diagram:


As you can see, we have broken the process up into easily understandable pieces. End-to-End logistics simply means that we manage the entire process, from the “Origin” to the “Destination”


Gone are the days of you having to deal with an overseas transporter, overseas regulatory authorities, shipping companies, clearing agents and courier companies!


XDP Logistics Group offers a one-stop shop offering a basket of services that can “take the world off your shoulders”


Once you have a good understanding of the “Logistics Process”, you will find the following diagram very interesting. This diagram is a condensed view of the services we provide. Whether we utilize our own infrastructure or utilize third party options (nobody could own all the trucks, planes or ships, so at some point all logistics companies have to utilize third party contractors), or a combination of the two, we provide exceptional levels of service, stubborn reliability and improved control over your product movement to your customers.



You will find that we have quite a few “differentiating factors” that puts us head-and-shoulders above the rest! These include


•a mobile office the Cape Town International Airport, which allows us to clear, release and forward your cargo on the same day (subject to customs working hours of course…but if they are working, so are we).
•we are a Medium-Sized Group with Large Company Muscle
•our Mentorship Program
•Our desire and ability to “also cater for the small guy”


We have recently launched two exciting new initiatives, the  XDP Mentorship Program and the SEND-IT Box.

Exciting New Product – our MENTORSHIP PROGRAM!


If you are “new at this”, and wish to “upgrade” your business to become an importer or exporter, you will no doubt be interested in our “Mentorship Program”.


This program offers prospective importers and exporters step-by-step assistance in becoming profitable importers and/or exporters. (insert link to a new page called “MENTORSHIP PROGRAM”)


Exciting New Product – the SEND-IT Box!


Tired of having to call a courier company to collect your parcel? Tired of being forced to open an account with a courier firm before you can send your stuff?


Good News – You can find a SEND-IT Box at your nearest supermarket or filling station! Simply purchase an envelope, remove the contents, complete the waybill, insert your items into the enclosed plastic pouch, deposit it all into the SEND-IT Box and “voila” – you’re done!


We deliver your parcel to any street address in a Major City overnight for only R 99, and to Rural Areas within 48 Hours for only R 130 – now is that a bargain or what? We provide full Track-and-Trace capability, so don’t delay….


Click here for more information on this incredible service!